Gouldian Finches

July 5, 2014

Gouldian Finches, I think they’ll remain my favourite type of finch.
Though, however, ¬†they’re quite the high maintenance bird to keep, for such a little creature.

Often I heard people say, ‘oh, they don’t require much more attention than a canary’, well, I find this very much untrue.
In my time I kept these finches there was constantly something going on with any Gould I had, sadly enough.
Be it from mites, to vitamine issues, to trimming of nails and the likes.


Gouldians are birds native to Australia, they come with their 3 wild-colours of black, red and yellow-head.
My personal favourite is the red-head, I simply love them.
However, over the years a lot of mutations have been bred so now there are so many types and colours of the finches, I could hardly go in to detail about that.
I think I might get a bit confused myself after a while!

A long time Gouldian Finches were a serious ‘hype’ here amongst Belgian breeders. Wherever you went, you would see gouldian finches, hobby breeders, profit breeders, in all sorts of pet stores.
It seemed for a while that even the gouldian seemed a bit over-bred because the gouldians I gotten later on over the years, seemed more vunerable to diseases than my first gouldians I gotten.
The first ones to be honest, were just the wild-colours, then you’d mostly find those before all the mutations.
Do mind, some mutations also require more vitamins as they don’t produce them as well as the other, due to too much genetic changes.

But, gouldians are hard to breed, and quickly the hype subsided. The breeders needed mostly society finches to rely on as gouldians tend to be bad parents.
So society finches acted as the adoptive parents. Which happened with my only nest and baby too. The society finches (which I naturally had and not especially purchased for the gouldians), took over, bless.

Gouldian finches need a lot of vitamines, a good warmth in house and a good diet.

A diet of a bird should definitely include the vegetables and fruits, especially for these exotics it will be good.
Also add pellets in their seed diet. The diet of seeds should definitely be a good, not too fatty, exotic mixture. I’ve found that gouldians quickly can get liver issues.

Also make sure in the general gouldian care, to provide them with natural branches in their cages. This is important for their nails and beaks. It might be you’ll have to trim the nails occasionally as I’ve found them to be fast growing.
Also, I often had mite problems, on their beaks, or blood-mites, so, an occasional treatment won’t harm either and make sure to keep the cages nice and clean.

Good luck in keeping these gorgeous birds, but think twice if you want to go for these species!


Tokkie at old age, sitting cosely and fluffed up at my keyboard.


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